How To Win A Girl’s Heart

Important Note: This article deals with using safe, “white hat” seduction techniques in order to win a girl’s heart – if you are looking for “female loophole” or advanced persuasion techniques to seduce women then you should read up on the October Man Sequence instead.

Are you one of the many guys out there who are wondering what they can do to win a girl’s heart over? Whether it is the girl that you met in class the other day or a girl that you met at a bar last weekend, learning how to win a girl’s heart might seem daunting to you. However, it really doesn’t need to be, most of all since there are so many new psychological insights on this subject nowadays. In fact, as you read the tips on how to win a girl’s heart in this article, you will soon realize that doing so is actually pretty easy once you set your mind to it.

A Self-Reflection – What Are The Levels Of Your Seduction Powers?

To learn how to win a girl’s heart, the first thing you will have to do is figure out your strengths. Even though you do not need to be handsome or rich to win over the heart of your dream girl, you will need to have something to offer her at least; so think about your strengths and the different areas in your life in which you have a real advantage. If you can’t seem to think of any, then your next step would be to learn more about the female mind instead. In other words, you have to try and figure out how girls think in order to learn how to win the seduction game.

The Female Mind – The Last Frontier In Seduction?

Sadly, not a lot of guys know much about how female minds work, in general. Most guys tend to assume that girls have the exact same needs that they do, so they end up treating them the exact same way that they want to be treated. This would be the wrong way to go about things if you want to learn how to win a girl’s heart, though. In fact, you might never end up scoring a date if you go about things this way.

So, before you do anything else and make things even worse, you should make sure you put yourself in the proper mindset first (I’ve blogged about this earlier). The secret on how to win a girl’s heart actually lies in a special concept called prize-ability. Basically, all you will have to do is show your dream girl that you are like a prize that she will need to fight for and that you are actually worth her time.

A simple way to this, of course, is to use fractionation. Originated from the study of human psychology, underground seducers have since found a way to incorporate this technique into their seduction routines. A simple, step-by-step video showing how this is done is shown here in this short video -

How To Use Fractionation To Seduce Women In 10 Minutes


Everybody knows that girls are the ‘catch’ in the world of dating so to speak. Everybody also knows that it is the guys who are supposed to run after the girls in the dating game. Well, if you want to play things smart, then you have to start doing the complete opposite of this. That’s right. If you want to turn around the female mindset around and win a girl over, you will have to convince her that she is the one who has to run after you. Show her that she needs to have you and that letting you go would be the worst mistake she would ever make and you are sure to win her over in no time – believe it.

Again, with fractionation you will be able to turn the tables around and get her to chase you instead.

Demonstrating Higher Value – A Key Cornerstone of Seduction

Another thing that you will have to do if you want to learn how to win a girl’s heart is to demonstrate higher value in her eyes. Fortunately, there are many different ways to go about this.

You can fake nonchalance and pretend like you aren’t longing to go on a date with her, for example, even if you are. Show her that you don’t need her approval, either, and she will get caught completely off guard. See, girls are used to guys begging for their attention and doing everything that they can to impress them. So, if you do the complete opposite and take a step back, then she will see that you are different and will be inexplicably drawn towards you.

Rapport Building

Another surefire method on how to win a girl’s heart would be to build some rapport with her. To do this, you simply have to try and make her feel comfortable in your presence. This means that you should talk about things that actually interest her when you are together and make sure that you have all of her attention while you’re at it, as well.

Sidenote: a good resource on building rapport is Colin Simone’s Conversational Seduction program – Google it.

While building rapport with your girl of choice, make sure that you try to get to know her better in the process, too. Do your own research on her on your own time if you must and find out what she likes and dislikes, so that you can avoid scaring her off in the future. Of course, it would help to be very helpful and polite whenever you are with her, as well. Girls happen to love it when guys take good care of them, so this is sure to help you out big time.

Now, if you are trying to learn how to pick a girl up and that girl happens to be an extremely difficult one to crack, then you might have to put more effort into this entire process than usual. You might have to take courses or buy books that will help you win her over, for instance. Ideally, you should look for ways to find out how her mind works and what her needs are, so you can end up getting what you want in the end. Knowing what women want will also improve your seduction game up a notch.

Building Blocks of Attraction

Either way, once you have established a proper comfort zone, you can start working on building more attraction with the girl of your dreams. Tease her every now and then and always be playful. However, do not make it obvious that you are trying to win her heart. If you are smart in the dating game, you should know that drawing her close and then pushing her away without warning will increase her attraction for you. This might sound strange if you are just starting out in the dating game, but the more you learn how to win a girl’s heart, the more natural this will become to you as time goes by.

But if you are short on time, and want the surefire way to attract a girl in as little time as possible, then learn fractionation. Use this resource below to get started -

If the link above is dead, it means that it’s no longer offline. If that’s the case, email me and I could consider giving you a copy. :)