How To Play Mind Games With Girls

Girls happen to be experts at playing with the male mind. They can do this by flirting with guys, for example, and then giving them the cold shoulder out of nowhere or after they get a ride home or a couple of free drinks as wanted. Because of this, you may want to turn the tables around for a change and learn how to manipulate a girl’s mind instead. You can, of course, immediately use the October Man Sequence to seduce a woman into falling in love with you.

Strangely enough, guys hardly ever play mind games with girls, if they even do so at all. As such, it only makes sense that girls get caught off-guard whenever a guy learns how to play mind games with girls. So, why not play with girls’ minds and confuse them like never before, then? Here are some very effective psychological tips that can help you succeed while learning how to play mind games with women. Read on…

Mind Games Guys Play On Women – The Female Psychology Loophole

  • The Cold Reading Technique

Seek out your dream girl and tell her that you can read her fortune. Most girls will let you read theirs, so if your dream girl does, state various general and random things that could apply to practically any girl out there. You can also choose to be more specific and state some of the things that you already know about her from her friends or from watching her from afar if you want, though. Either way, the more accurate you are while doing this, the better the impression you will be able to make on her in the end. Want her to fall in love? Cold read, and cold read often!

Another reason why cold reading or palm reading works so well is because you will have an excuse to touch her hand. Touching happens to be a great method to bond with a girl more and can even help build up attraction at the same time.

  • Be Playful

Laughing and making jokes with a girl may seem like things that will make girls feel stuffy, but the truth is that girls really love playful things when it comes to guys because it shows them that you have a childish side – something that every girl happens to have, too. This is a surefire way to win a girl’s heart and get her attracted to you quickly.

Besides, being playful and childish while you learn how to play mind games with girls would be much better than being boring any day. In fact, if you can bring the right amount of fun and entertainment into a girl’s life, you can make yourself look more interesting than you actually are and win your dream girl over in no time.

  • Get Inside Her Head

The last thing that you will have to do while learning how to play mind games with girls is to get her emotionally addicted to you somehow. To do this, you have to get her to feel happy and sad feelings in succession at random times. Believe it or not, injecting some drama into her life will actually convince her to invest more emotions into you much faster and she will soon end up as putty in your hands – believe it. And the best way to make a girl feel emotionally addicted to you is to use fractionation -

How to Use Fractionation to Seduce Women

Warning: do NOT click on the link above if you are against using covert psychology and persuasion techniques to attract women. Thank you for understanding.