Fractionation is the seduction technique has been touted as the “original” October Man Sequence. Originally a concept used by hypnotists to deepen hypnotic states in their subjects, it was first adapted to be used in the seduction realm in the 90’s in the underground seduction world by the “elders” such as Swinggcat and Twotimer.

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Hypnotists have found that the technique is so powerful in getting their subjects hypnotized that they started to investigate ways to apply this technique OTHER than in its original field of hypnosis. Seduction is a natural extension since it has many similarities with hypnosis.

The October Man Sequence was the first technique which was completely derived from fractionation. Since then, there have been a couple of “iterations” of the technique – notably Derek Rake’s Dark Rake Method. There is also a collection of “Forbidden Patterns” which combines fractionation and other similar seduction techniques such as the Rising Sun and the Death Pattern. You can find some of these techniques cited at

Using Fractionation Psychology To Seduce Women

In its basic form, there are four steps involved in fractionating a subject:-

  • Step 1. Induce State
  • Step 2. Deepen State
  • Step 3. Awaken State
  • Step 4. Re-induce State

Now if you are familiar with “Push Pull” concepts then you’ll find some similarities here. To some extent, “Reverse Psychology” techniques are also based on the same four fractionation steps.

Dark Seduction Patterns?

There are some “dark patterns” also based on fractionation which are said to be doubly effective, but at the same time borders on being highly unethical. If you have been active within the underground online seduction community then you should have bumped into one of these.

It’s highly unnecessary to use these advanced techniques (it’s an overkill most of the time), and once you have mastered the basics then you will be able to derive your own pattern easily.

One good resource is the FractionationX website which gives away a video and a PDF report on how to use fractionation to quickly generate attraction. Click here to check it out.

Some Other Resources On Fractionation